Collaborative partnership between The Royal Conservatoire The Hague and the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz

To broaden international perspectives, the programme provides support for one semester of study at another institute in the frame of an Erasmus exchange. There is collaboration with e.g. the Master Programs for Instrumental & Vocal Education of The Royal Conservatoire in Den Hague, Netherlands.

The Royal Conservatoire is warmly welcoming students from the University for Music and Performing Arts, Graz to study for one semester at our institute in Den Hague, Netherlands. We offer an international exchange programme (English) for instrumental and vocal teaching and learning. With teachers and students from various cultural backgrounds, the programme is designed to broaden your perspectives on music education and provide you with skills and knowledge that will strengthen your teaching practice. International exchange is a powerful tool for enriching your experiences and expertise.       

Within the two-year master’s program, you will take part in one semester that will include courses in the following:

  • instrumental and vocal tuition
  • pedagogy of instrument or voice
  • theories of music education and musical learning
  • leading & guiding musical activities that include one-to-one teaching and group education
  • improvisation
  • teaching practice
  • music education research

For more information please contact Adri de Vugt, programme leader a.devugt(at)